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Filming Locations worth a Visit

Film makers return to time and again to certain parts of the world. The Isle of Man off the west coast of England is one such, and the qualities which make it attractive as a filming location

Learning Foreign Languages Through Movies

So you want to learn a modern foreign language, but don’t want the aggravation of taking a class? Perhaps you don’t have time. Never fear, because learning languages through film is a great way not only to

Will CGI Replace Classic Animation?

Over the last few decades cinema has undergone a bit of a makeover. The improvement in digital media, and the way in which it is delivered, has meant that the imagination of writers and directors can finally

Reading Hands-Free; Audiobooks

Audiobooks are the future. In our modern society, digital reading and listening are quickly replacing paperback books. Why is that? And what are the benefits in comparison to a standard paper book?

Move On – The Next Chapter in the Way in Which Films are Created

“Man on a Ledge” director Asger Leth is set to team up with fellow Dane and former James Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen for the European based production Move On, due for release in September 2012. Following a

The History of the Adaptation

Even before Vivien Leigh immortalised Scarlett O’Hara in the 1939 adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Gone with the Wind, the film and television studios loved to turn a great book into a film or

The Bootlegging Culture of Asia

When talking about Asian success stories there are few countries that can boast the sustained economic growth that China has seen over the past twenty or so years. Since the 1980s the country has been opened up